What Inspired Golden Cricket?

Long before we were Golden Cricket, we have always been passionate about health and sustainability. Healthy body, healthy planet. Besides eating steak and recycling, there are plenty of ways to both consume protein and conserve resources. But what if we could accomplish both goals in one? In our quest for quality protein we found that insects are the most sustainable and nutritious protein source on the planet, that checked both our boxes. We figured getting people to eat straight up bugs would be a hard sell - but what if we ground them into powder? You wouldn't even notice! And so the idea was born - use crickets as a protein source, while also using half a ton less water to produce than an equivalent whey protein bar.We use free range crickets (yes, that exists) who are executed at the end of their 6 week life cycle, dehydrated, and ground up whole. Once it's in this form, the possibilities are endless, you can add cricket flour to pretty much anything for immediate nourishment. So stay tuned, we have a ton more products to roll out, it doesn't stop with protein bars.