Golden Cricket

PRE-SALE 12x Golden Cricket Protein Bars

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Enjoy the newest most exciting delicious protein bar on the market that is packed with nutrients and sustainability! Each bar contains 14g of protein and only 3 net carbs. They are date sweetened so most of the sugar is slow to absorb due to the naturally occurring potassium content in dates. Each bar saves 140 gallons of water compared to whey protein. They are delicious and nutritious. Join the revolution.

THIS IS A PREORDER AND WILL NOT BE DELIVERED FOR UP TO 3-4 MONTHS. We wanted to wait until we had a concrete ETA from the manufacture before taking peoples money and we just got it! The pre-sale price is $35 for 12 protein bars. Once we are fully in stock they will be going for about $3.20 each, plus $5 shipping, which comes out to $43.40 giving you a savings of $8.40 or 19%. You can preorder as many as you want for the next 2 weeks and then it's one per customer starting Aug 14.